The Ded Dave Show
The Ded Dave Show
The Ded Dave Show is a Detroit-based horror comedy about what zombies do when they are not eating you. Combining elements of horror cinema, art, music and sketch comedy, The Ded Dave Show brings a new twist on zombies and how they get by in the afterlife. Join Ded Dave, Bog and a host of undead characters in their adventures in the land of the dead.

The Ded Dave Show's newest uncensored episode 'Vacation' is now available online! Join Bog, Dave, Stan, Clarence, and Merrie on a mushroom-fueled journey of discovery and enlightenment. Special Musical Guest: The Meatmen

Another new episode of The Ded Dave Show is in the works! Check back for more information including information on production and calls for cast!

We'd love to hear your opinions about the show, suggestions for musical guests, etc. Please drop us a line and make your voice heard!

The Ded Dave Show is produced in and around Detroit, Michigan...the perfect setting for the land of the dead. Support Michigan creativity and filmmaking! Contact your representatives to make sure they know to keep incentives in place to guarantee that Michigan is THE place to create unique entertainment!
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